Congratulations on the article yesterday. I had not realized all you had accomplished.

I am pleased to know you.


  William T. Bayne


Great article in today's paper Milton. Congrats on the success!

- Reggie Bell


Good photo! I enjoyed the Greenville News article about you.

- Doris Bramlett


Congrats to my dad! I am so proud of him!

- Ashley Bratton



Great article yesterday! Congratulations on your success with RE/MAX Realty Professionals.

- Grant Burns


Enjoyed the whole article Sandy!!! Always knew he would be successful!!! He always put God first!!!!! So proud of all of you!

- Mari Pat Cely


Great article in the Sunday paper!! Continued blessings for you and your beautiful family!!!!

- Mindy Metcalf Cornelison


Dear Milton, 

      That was a great profile that appeared in the July 13 Greenville News. Yours is a self-made success story that makes for some truly stimulating reading.

      The positive results that RE/MAX Realty Professionals continues to earn year after year are a testament to your leadership. You have your employees on a mission, and it's one that they are obviously pursuing with enthusiasm. 

      I also appreciate your active service to the community. Your relationship with the Lord motivates you to be involved in the lives of others, and that is the highest calling a person can have.

      You set a good example for the rest of us, and I want to wish you the best in your continuing endeavors. I look forward to seeing you again soon.



           Charles E. Dalton


Milton, I just saw your profile in the paper. As Strom would say, "You are a credit to your community." Real proud to call you my friend.

- Jim Demint


Great article Milton! I'm proud to know you...

- Andy Douglas


Great article Milton!

- Travis Durham


We're all feeling good about being part of a winning team! New sign outside.... No 1 Remax in North & South Carolina!!


- Linda Duryea


Milton hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgivings. Congratulations on being a Director at NAR. Hope the next meeting is better then the last! 

- Mike Ford


Milton is a Realtor in high standing by being a member of CRS, Certified Residential Specialist. A national group that has less than 4% membership of the Real Estate Agents nation wide. He has earned this designation by attending a higher lever of required Real Estate knowledge, meeting the standards of CRS. 

Being an Associate for RE./MAX he is affilated with one of top six "Brands" recognized world wide. He is a member of one the largest referral bases in the industry and connected to 65 countries world wide. 

- Terry Forsberg 


Dear Milt,

       I was delighted to read the article in the Greenville News about you. With best wishes for continued success.


  - Clifford F. Gaddy, Jr.


Milton, great article in the paper. Congratulations on your well deserved success. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

- H Mills Gallivan


Great article on Milton and the company.

- Jeff Gunn


Great article Milton!!!! Proud to serve with you on the Lead Academy board!

- Berri Hicks



Great article of a great role model and friend!!! We love you Mr. Milton!


- Lindsay Munafo Hoover-Dempsey



Milton has been a great mentor to me in the real estate business. His experience and real estate knowledge have been instrumental in my development as an agent. Milton always takes the time to make sure every detail of every home sale or purchase is handled in the most beneficial way for our clients. I would recommend Milton to anyone looking to buy or sell any type of real estate.


- Josh Hoover-Dempsey


Milton you are fantastic! I cannot think of a better person to know or work with! YOUR ReMax was a wonderful place!!

Sincerely, Mary Iacovelli


I have worked with Milton on the National level and have found him to be an exemplary individual. He is a strategic thinker, facilitator of people and resources, a problem solver and consensus builder. I would not hestitate to call on Milton for anything that requires well above average skills in order to accomplish any given mission.

- Ted Kelly



    Just a quick note to say congratulations. I recently read where RE/MAX Realty Professionals was honored as brokerage of the Year for SC. Thanks for your leadership and investment in the community.

Keep up the good work!

- John Kimbrell


Milton is very professional and thorough. A pleasure to work with.

- Jay Levy


Hey Milton,

Great article in the paper!! You are great and I was blessed to work with you. Good seeing you the other day and hope to catch up soon.

- Skip Limbaker


Certainly. I like RE/MAX Realty Professionals. I like Mr. Shockley as well. Terrific gentleman.

- Chris McElroy


I have worked with Milton in a number of voluntary positions at the National Association of REALTORS. His commitment is tireless and his energy never ending to improve the real estate industry. He is extraordinary in his ability to meet and interact with people in every capacity and to bring people together in a common cause. And he is an honest, ethical, and caring person who is just a nice guy.

- Richard Mendenhall


Congratulations on your new position at National Association of Realtors! You will do a great job and I am proud of you.

- Jim Peters


Congratulations on such a great article in the Greenville News! I am just proud to know you and delighted that you are a Rotarian, Milton! In the midst of so much bad news, it is wonderful to hear some good news!

- Judith Prince


I just returned from Atlanta for a wedding over the weekend. Glancing through the paper I ran across the entrepreneur section and am very impressed not only with you, but what all you have accomplished!

Way to go my friend!

- Tim Reed



Congratulations on the brokerage honor and on the Greenville News story today. As I read, I realized how long I've known you! You have a beautiful family and much to be proud of.

I am happy to know you.

- Deb Richardson-Moore


Congratulations to Milton and family! What a tribute. I have known Milton for a very long time, as you know, Sandy, and I heartily "amen" all that you have said. Glad to call him brother and friend!




- Andy Scott





Great article today in the Greenville News about my sweet brother, Milton Shockley. So proud of my brother and all of his accomplishments, but more than that, I am proud of the Godly man that he is and the example he sets, not only in the business world, but in his personal life, as well. He is a perfect example, of one that has chosen to follow Christ, no matter the cost, and seen firsthand God's provisions in his life because of his unwavering faithfulness. He would be the first to give God all the glory!!!! So proud to have him as my brother.


- Sandy Shockley



Milton - I enjoyed reading about you and the background for the passion and motivation that have made you successful in business.


Jim Stewart



Very good press my friend!

- Sonny Surkin


Milton is an exceptional Realtor & Businessman.

- Shirley Thompson


Milton is a rare character who is kind-hearted, widely knowledgeable, professional and yet friendly. He will go the extra mile to ensure the best results for his clients. I highly recommend Milton for all your real estate needs.

- Audrey Tsang


Hey Milton,

CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! That is a wonderful article. We are glad to be a part of such a great company! We appreciate all you and Terry do for us!

- Libby & Glenn Wampole


So proud of you, Milton. We love all the Shockley's. I know you're Mom and Dad are so proud of all of you! There is rejoicing in Heaven.

- Judy Whaley


Really enjoyed this article. God's continued blessings on Milton and Laraine!

- Ruth Starnes Whitley



Congratulations on the nice article. I thought you could use an extra copy.

Thank you for all you do to help others. I appreciate you.

My best to you and your family.


 - Paul B. Wickensimer